Her recent role in ‘Uyyala Jampala’ put this talented artiste back in the limelight

Anita Chowdary is a familiar face on television as an anchor, actor and has done more than 20 to 25 films as character artiste. She has recently appeared in a mother’s role in Uyyala Jampala after a hiatus.

Anitha says she never left the camera, she had continued doing films even after her marriage like Varudu, but a few of her films didn’t release.

Uyyala Jampala was the only one that hit the screen.

She talks about her family, “My husband worked in the US, while I stayed here. It was a long distance marriage. But now we both are finally together in Hyderabad.

After having my son, I cut down on television, since it was a full time commitment. Whereas, I can pack up by six if I’m working for the movies.”

Ask Anitha if she felt uncomfortable getting into a mother’s role a bit too early, she says a spontaneous no.

“The character I played in Uyyala Jampala isn’t old. I started playing mom even before I got married. I remember, I was 16 when me and Jhansi started our career on the same day for a SBI commercial; I played both a young girl and a 60 year old mother.”

She adds, “A friend was casting and she hesitatingly asked me if I’d play mother to a 17 year old. I went back to the US and they called me.

I didn’t want people to think that since Anitha has no work she has taken up this role.

Also travelling became impossible. But I started thinking and felt I should give it a shot. I was not a regular in movies that I had to think twice to play this role. Finally I did get the appreciation.”

The actor is open minded and is willing to experiment with various roles. She says director Virinchi had no ambiguity, when he narrated the story he told her specifically it would be an ordinary story portrayed in a simple, loveable way, and she trusted her director completely.

A classical dancer, she began her career as a heroine in a Tamil film and later moved to anchoring.

“I “Films taught me to live independently. From the time I was 16, I was on my own…had lot of responsibilities and I was determined to reach my goal. I have been through many ups and downs but I never for a single moment thought that this was a wrong place to live in.

I want to be happy and make people around me happy. I want to continue this journey.”