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Updated: February 11, 2012 19:10 IST

Write challenge

  • Y. Sunita Chowdhary
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Writer Satyanand discusses the challenges of a writer in films today

The treatment is what sells your story idea, there is no particular definition for itsometimes you like to listen to a narration sometime you don't and that depends on your capacity to engage the listener, says writer Satyanand who is also known for giving impressive screenplays to movies.

He has written for around 400 films and more in the form of dialogues, screenplay and stories.

For some films he teamed with Jandhyala. He made his debut in 1975 during the making of Jyothi.

Ask him if screenplay consultants are necessary and he reacts with clarity, “There have been films like Maya Bazar or Malleswari and they all happened without consultants, the director handled it on his own but if people are talking of consultants these days then there must be a necessity. One should sculpt the script then only it becomes a story, the process of narrating it is screenplay. There is no pre requisite to writing one, like grammar or rules, it keeps changing…there is reverse screenplay sometimes.”

Satyanand avers that it becomes a task when there is more than one story or track in the film.

“We got to think carefully when there are parallel stories, we cannot ignore one for another. Otherwise one line dominates the other and the one which is dominated becomes weak. A director who knows what a screenplay is very important for a screenplay writer. If you play tennis, it always helps to have a partner who knows something about that works out better if each of them have some knowledge about it.”

Has there been occasions where the stories have been good but the movies flopped due to a bad screenplay?

He feels that if the story is good and there are glitches in the screenplay, movie goes for a toss but on the other hand if the story is not impressive but if the screenplay is very good there is a chance that you could engage people.

The writer says that since they watch a lot of films they don't need to wait for the release to predict its outcome.

“We might not predict if the film is going to be a good one or not, but we can easily tell its box office'outcome. We do get offers that we seldom like but if we start discriminating, then everyone would be jobless. We have a choice, either we stop writing or in the given limitations think about adding value and giving it the best shot. Gopalrao Gari Ammayi is something that I liked and enjoyed.The audience enjoyed watching it.”

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