The story of Saa Boo Thiri can be summed up in a line. It is about three friends and their love lives. It is easy to work on a sketchy outline like this but a mammoth task to flesh it out into a good screenplay. Since the line-up of actors in this R Studio’s film consists mostly of newcomers, director Arshad Khan should have spent more time working on the script.

Three friends, Paul (Arshad Khan), Keerthi (Prajin) and Bala (Akshay), have their own way of dealing with the women in their lives. While Paul likes older women, Keerthi is married to Jo (Sara) and Bala is going steady with Sherin. Ultimately, all three learn to evolve and adapt to the relationships they are in.

When the married couple, Keerthi and Jo, start exchanging SMSs with strangers, little do they realise they are actually sending messages to each other until they decide to meet… this twist finally transforms them. Though the incident is interesting, it is impossible to believe they did not know or recognise each other’s mobile phone number!

Director Arshad Khan, who also acts in the film, does not blend into the character of Paul. Prajin does his role as Keerthi with ease as he is an experienced TV actor.

Akshay as Bala manages the happy, jovial scenes well but not the emotional, weepy ones. The best among the girls are Sara, who emotes well, and Mithuna (Lekha).

Pinki as Sherin and Aksha as Priya are adequate as is Ujjaini as Felomeena.

The music is by Abbas Rabi. Out of the six songs, three are catchy — ‘Athu Oru Adai Mazhai’ sung by Vijay Yesudas (lyrics: Na. Muthukumar), Hariharan’s solo ‘Mazhiye Mazhiye’ (same lyricist) and Rahul Nambiar and Ujjaini’s duet, ‘Putham Puthithai Oru Vanam’ (lyrics: Thamarai).

P. L. Sanjay’s camera work is noteworthy. Editor S.V.K. Das should have trimmed more scenes to ensure a smooth and fast-paced narrative.

Arshad Khan, who also handled the story and screenplay, should have avoided the dialogue with double meaning.

Saa Boo Thiri

Genre: Romance

Director: Arshad Khan

Cast: Arshad Khan, Prajin, Akshay, Mithuna, Sara, Aksha, Ujjaini, Pinki and Rishvanth.

Storyline: About three young friends and their relationships.

Bottomline: The director should have worked harder on the script.