Bollywood has given some memorable stories with protagonist being blind. Perhaps, for the first time here comes a hero who is visually challenged in real, however can see in the reel. This Nasser Khan for you... in 'Shadow'

We have all seen actors play blind characters in movies at some time or the other. Who can forget Rani Mukherjee in “Black”?

But, for the first time ever, we will see Nasser Khan, who is visually challenged in real life, play a character who can see, in the movie “Shadow”, due to release shortly.

The film is said to be an action-packed thriller, and plans are to release it in 1,000 theatres worldwide.

Nasser Khan is also the producer and distributor of this movie. As if this were not enough, he has also set up a music company for the film.

On his own steam

“I went to all the big giants of this industry, but nobody supported me. So, after a lot of struggle, I decided to take things in my own hands. But, I don’t have any grudges. Had they supported me, I wouldn’t have had my own production, distribution and music company today,” says Khan.

“I am a simple middle-class man from Kanpur with big dreams. I have my own leather business and that is what I do for a living.”

Khan has also done all the stunts himself in “Shadow”. Asked which one he dreaded the most, he recalls, “Every stunt was difficult and scary. And, preparing for my role, singing and dancing was one hell of a task.”

Sonia Mehra, daughter of yesteryear superstar, the late Vinod Mehra, also stars in the movie.

“I play the Home Minister’s daughter, a rich spoilt brat. I loved working in the film and it was a very different experience,” says Sonia.