A good quality capture of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam leaked on an illegal website on Saturday, but the producers’ consultant said links to it were being brought down quickly.

Copyrights Media, a consultancy firm helping Raajkamal Films identify and bring down video pirates, said a complaint had been filed with the Police Commissioner’s office and that 85 links that showed up on Google search on the illegal content had been brought down.

S. Sudarshan of Copyrights Media said only 20 minutes of content had shown up on the website and they had filed a complaint with the Cybercrime division of the Chennai Police. They were also keeping a close watch on possible video links on YouTube and had the capability to shut them down within a few minutes.

Several fans of Kamal Haasan also turned vigilantes online to help Copyrights Media identify possible pirates who might upload the movie files on popular Torrent sharing websites. The email address of the firm — copyrightsmedia.in@gmail.com — went viral.

Several users, who changed their profile images to ‘I support Kamal Haasan,’ took a vow not just to wait and watch the movie at theatres but also help identify video pirates to ensure that the film, which has been facing delay in reaching the cinema screens in parts of South India, does not suffer further losses.

There were claims that some “camera prints” shot inside a cinema auditorium abroad were already out. But most of the files have been found to be fake. At the time of our going to press, not all claims of the Torrent files could be ascertained.