Ventaadu Vetaadu begins first as a love story and the plot moves towards two insane characters obsessed with reality shows and betting. Manoj Bajpayee and J.D. Chekravarthy as Rajesh Sharvanand and Rodriques Frederick come up in the latter part of the film, their part though mindless is executed far better than the entire sketch of the hero Shankar played by Vishal and his love interest Rupa (Sunaina) and Maya (Trisha). Rupa is dating Shankar and he spends more time in the sandalwood plantations and with the elephants and the lady love excuses him umpteen times to become the ideal lover. “You don’t know the size of my waist, the size of my shoe and the day you proposed to me, you forget my birthday,” she yells and decides to move on in her life without him when he misses an appointment with her. While the hero wonders what the size of her waist has got to do with matters of the heart, the story soon moves to Bangkok where Shankar is hunting for Rupa and he simultaneously is resisting advances by Maya. He gets caught in a web of bizarre events and he is totally clueless as to where his life is taking him.

Vishal’s restrained behaviour puts one to sleep and his appearance, hair styling and costumes is pathetic; the director fails in drawing out the right emotions from him and JD, Bajpai overshadow him and walk through their brief roles with ease. The climax where Shankar teaches them a lesson in a house fitted with secret cameras and he walking out from behind a short Trisha suddenly is a damp squib. Except for the chase and action sequences in Bangkok that has been shot well, the rest of the story doesn’t cut ice. The songs and dances are of no help at all, Trisha looks presentable but the charm on her face is lost. Sunaina stands static in one place, reels off her dialogues and vanishes. The director makes the viewing experience difficult by taking a long time to get into the main story. A thorough let down of a fantasy idea.

Ventaadu Vetaadu

Cast: Vishal, Trisha, Sunaina

Direction: Thiru

Genre: Thriller

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Plot: A forest ranger’s tryst with his love and enemy in Bangkok

Bottomline: The hunt, chase takes place without any thrill