Luxe, the new multiplex in the city, raises the bar with its opulent setting

When Luxe, the new multiplex in town by Sathyam Cinemas opens its doors on Monday at Phoenix Market City, the bar for cinema halls in the country would go up several notches.

The swanky, plush multiplex feels like a casino in Vegas with video panel installations all around. The moment you walk in, you are likely to be transported into a world of luxury. Chandeliers, marble floors, elegant ticket counters, video panels, velvet showcases, fancy lounges, a spa, a mocktail bar, 11 screens including an IMAX hall and a designer retail outlet. Apart from the IMAX screen and the retail outlet, the rest will be functional and open to public starting April 14.

“The inspiration did come from Vegas. Kiran Reddy (managing director, Sathyam Cinemas), came back from Vegas and told Ranjith our chief technology officer that he wanted video installations that remind people of casinos there,” says Bhavesh Shah, head of Experience.

“With 72 video panels by Samsung, the video pillar at the centre of the lobby is the largest video installation in Asia,” says Ranjith M. “There was this huge pillar bang in the middle of the lobby that was not part of our plan but came with the property. Since only the interiors were in our control, we decided to turn the pillar into a highlight,” says Bhavesh. The video pillar would display tailor-made content for the season that would add aesthetic appeal to the exquisitely designed space.

Kiran Reddy just wanted to go all out and make Luxe the most lavish experience people can get. 

Despite the fact that there’s a ticket cap of Rs.120 in the State. 

“Even without the ticket cap, we wouldn't be hiking the ticket prices too much anyway because the idea is to make this experience accessible to the masses. Even the IMAX ticket prices, once we get all the clearances required, will be cheaper than even normal tickets in Bangalore and Mumbai,” adds Bhavesh. 

All 11 screens will be equipped with state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos sound systems. “It is the only multiplex in the country where there will be 11 screens with Atmos sound,” says Bhavesh. However, currently only two screens have Atmos installed and the management is waiting for Dolby to install Atmos speakers in the other nine screens.

The walls and couches have crystals studded in the furnishing and even the bathrooms are five-star (with a separate Western Closet lounge). 

“We also plan to test out a special personalised paid service for ladies in the toilet area. We have a separate lounge upstairs with luxury products and a personal assistant,” says Bhavesh. You can also get a range of quick dry massages at the Oryza spa or get a drink with friends at the mocktail bar. 

Oh yes, you can also watch films here.