SPS Media Works presents Sanikizhamai Saayangalam 5 Mani, the first feature film to be shot on a HDSLR camera. Their earlier film Madurai to Theni Vazhi Andipatti was shot using a digital camera. Sanikizhamai Saayangalam 5 Mani has made it to the Limca Book of Records.

The romantic story has enough twists to keep viewers engrossed. Sakthi and Maha are in love. While Maha wants to marry Sakthi without their parents' consent, Sakthi is not for it. Maha takes a bus at 5 p.m. on a Saturday to meet Sakthi and get married to him. But she does not reach the destination. The twist in the tale comes when Maha goes missing. Sakthi gets worried and starts searching for her. He faces several problems, before he finally locates her the next Saturday at exactly 5 p.m.

Produced by S. Janaki Sonaimuthu for SPS Media Works, Sanikizhamai Saayangalam 5 Mani makes you sit through the film till the climax. The film loses steam when it reaches the climax.

Ravi Bharathi, who penned the story and dialogue for Madurai to Theni Vazhi Andipatti, has directed this film.

Radha Bala's screenplay is interesting. Cinematographer SPS Guhan hard work shows in every frame. Editor Karthik Subramanian could have trimmed the first half a little to lend pace to the film. Era. Thamizh Selvan's lyrics have been set to tune by Dhina. Three songs are hum-worthy.

Both Sarath as Sakthi and Malini as Maha have essayed their roles well though Malini could have lent more depth to her portrayal. Meera Krishnan as Maha's mother, Ravi Bharathi as her father, director Rathibala as ‘Kannaadi' Gopi and Mogan as inspector Aathi, have performed convincingly.

Sanikizhamai Saayangalam 5 Mani

Genre: Thriller

Director: Ravi Bharathi

Cast: Sarath, Malini, Meera Krishnan, Ravi Bharathi, Rathibala and Mogan.

Storyline: Maga and Sakthi are young lovers. Maha decides to get married to Sakthi without the permission of their parents. And the decision changes her life.

Bottomline: The film is bold, and has a fresh approach but lacks a compelling climax.