Korean dinosaur saga “Tarbosaurus” releases in theatres this week.

It’s time to embrace dinosaurs all over again with action film “Tarbosaurus”. An exciting blend of state-of-the-art computer graphics, adventure and entertainment, “Tarbosaurus” is touted as a treat for the family audiences.

Directed by Han Sang-ho, the film combines computer generated animation and live action photography to tell the story of dinosaurs that inhabited the Korean Peninsula 70 million years ago. At that time, the area now known as Jeonnam Yeosu was the forest habitat of a species of Theropod dinosaur called Tarbosaurus.

In the film, the young Tarbosaurus Speckles must protect his family, not only from One-eye, the violent and vengeful Tyrannosaurus, but also an impending disaster that could change the face of the planet.

The film brings about 17 different types of dinosaurs to life with graphics and panoramic scenes of the New Zealand landscape.

“This is also an emotional fictional film but I wanted to create a story based on facts,” says Sang-ho. “And because I wanted to reproduce the environment where the dinosaurs used to live, I did a lot of research.”

“Tarbosaurus” is released in India by Ultra Distributors and Star Entertainment.

“We saw its rushes at the Cannes Film Festival a few years back and liked its content. It was recently released in South Korea and has done very good business. Indian audience gets its dose of emotions from Hindi films. They look for high quality action and visual appeal in foreign content and ‘Tarbosaurus’ provides it in plenty. Unlike ‘Jurassic Park’, there is no human character here and the story is told through voiceover. It also works as an informative film as it provides lots of facts about the flora and fauna of the Cretaceous period,” says Jiten Hemdev, Managing Director, Star Entertainment Private Limited.

Apart from English, Tarbosaurus will release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu simultaneously.

Hemdev says the smaller centres are showing much more excitement for such films.

“The multiplexes in metros which should nurture a taste for quality content are not playing their role. The moment an ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ comes, they take out every other option that could be available for the audience. Even this week we have been told Raaz 3 is doing well and Barfi is the new release so there is no space for a foreign film, and that too a Korean film. But theatres in places like Sholapur, Kolhapur and Indore are showing interest.”

The Hindi version is titled “Dinosaur vs Dinosaur” and the character names give a Bollywood twist to proceedings. Some of the names of the characters include Dabang, Senorita, Singham and Rowdy while their Tamil counterparts are Chitti, Sana, Rocket Raja and Dongli.