SHORT CUTS The latest happenings on Superstar's Kochadaiyaan; Director Thankar Bachchan' s next film Ammavin Kaipesi will showcase the love of a mother towards her child..

Well, here’s the latest on the Superstar’s Kochadaiyaan. The makers intend to release the music of the film in Tokyo. What’s more, the film will be premiered in various cities, including London and Los Angeles.

Kochadaiyaan, an action adventure made using performance capture technology, is to release by the end of the year in four languages — Tamil, English, Hindi and Telugu. The film, apart from Rajini, stars Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff, Sharat Kumar, Nasser, Aadhi, Shobana and Shabana Azmi.

Eros and Medione, the makers, have already begun marketing the film. As part of their marketing strategy, they have tied up with Karbonn mobiles, and 5,00,000 Kochadaiyaan mobiles will be launched to celebrate the release of the film.

According to a release from the filmmakers, the Kochadaiyaan mobiles will have exclusive screen savers and images from the film along with the trailer and signature tune of the film. They will also contain behind-the-scenes footage, movie trailers and songs. That’s not all. The back panel of these phones will bear the digital signature of Superstar Rajinikanth. The mobiles will be released in September/October, when the audio is expected to release.

Ode to motherhood

Director Thankar Bachchan, known for making quality movies that exalt human values, is back in action. This time, the director is making a film that will showcase the love of a mother towards her child. With critically acclaimed films such as Solla Marantha Kathai, Pallikoodam and Onbathu Roobai Notu to his credit, Thankar’s next film Ammavin Kaipesi will feature Shanthanoo Bhagyaraj and Iniya in the lead. Click here to view a video on what the director has to say about his movie.

Says the director: “This movie is dedicated to all the mothers in the world. Today, how many children enquire about the well-being of their parents? Leave alone taking care, how many have the time to talk to their mothers? This film is about the story of a mother who has a phone and longs for it to ring.”

Apart from Shanthanoo and Iniya, the film will feature at least 75 others all of whom have been made to undergo an acting workshop conducted by the director. Says Thankar: “These people have been drawn from different fields — business, arts, agriculture, politics and medicine. I have trained them for 72 days.”

Over 60 per cent of the film is over. The film with music by Rohit Kulkarni is expected to release in the second week of September.

Says Thankar: “Several good films in Tamil have lost due to bad music. The music of Ammavin Kaipesi will surely be something to talk about.”

About the inspiration for the movie, he says, “If you observe carefully, a mother never worries about her healthy children. She is extremely protective of the weak ones, springing to their defence and taking pride in their work. The film, inspired by my mother, is based on a novel I wrote in 2009.”


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012