V.K. Prakash’s Trivandrum Lodge, follows the lives of residents in a lodge and their relationships.

“It is a tale of love, lust and longing set in a lodge,” says filmmaker V.K. Prakash (VKP) about his movie Trivandrum Lodge, which has just hit theatres.

The “hit pair” of Jayasurya and Anoop Menon, from his previous movie Beautiful, star in this movie too. As in Beautiful, Anoop has written the story and scripted the scenes for Trivandrum Lodge.

Although titled Trivandrum Lodge, the lodge, says VKP, is not in Thiruvananthapuram. It is located in Mattancherry, Kochi.

Says VKP: “Trivandrum Lodge follows the lives of the residents in the lodge and their relationships. There is no conventional beginning, middle and end in this movie.”

Jayasurya, is all gung-ho about his role. “I play a guy called Abdu who is sexually frustrated. He is not a polished man and most people find him non-attractive,” he says. Abdu works at a spa and is also a part-time driver.

When Dhwani (played by Honey Rose who is also known as Dhwani) moves into the lodge, Abdu, finds himself attracted to her. “My role is that of a writer who is a divorcee. She is a modern-day woman who does not care two hoots about what others think of her. She hopes to study those who reside in the lodge,” says Dhwani.

P. Jayachandran who was in K.G. George’s Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback and Hariharan’s Nakhakshatangal, is a surprise package in the movie. He is back as an actor in this movie. The veteran singer plays Anoop’s father, Narayanan Nair, in the movie. “VKP is a good friend and a delight to work with. I had fun on the sets,” says Jayachandran.

Anoop plays Ravi Shanker, the owner of the lodge, who is a successful business man. Bhavana plays his wife.

Tesni Khan, who wooed the audience with her performance as Kanyaka, a housemaid in Beautiful has a pivotal role in Trivandrum Lodge. “My character in the movie is someone the audience can either hate or love. I was flattered when Anoop told me he had written the role with me in mind.”

Says VKP: “As there are a lot of characters the narration takes different twists and turns. The audience can expect some unusual shots in the movie as it is perhaps for the first time that a helicam has been used for a film. The helicam is a remote controlled mini-helicopter which captures aerial shots with the help of a video camera.”

While Bijibal has scored the background score, the songs have been tuned by M. Jayachandran. Says Jayachandran: “It is my first time working with VKP sir. VKP gave me a free reign while working on the music for the movie. The songs, I feel, have come out really well. ‘Kanninullil nee kanmani’, a song in the movie, is quite popular amongst listeners. ‘Kilikal parannatho’ sung by Rajesh Krishnan, who sung ‘Julie I love you’ in Chattakari, is a personal favourite of mine. VKP, Anoop and I worked together on that song,” he says.

Trivandrum Lodge is being produced by P.A. Sebastian under the banner of Time Ads. Pradeep Nair is the cinematographer.