As Shah Rukh Khan braved the freezing cold to walk the red carpet for his film My Name Is Khan at the Berlin Film Festival on Friday he sought to defuse the situation in Mumbai, saying things can be “worked out.”

“I can very honestly say that at a personal level I have very good relations with everyone and whenever there is an ideological question we will discuss it and figure it out.

“Inshallah, even in this case in My Name Is Khan I think whatever issues are with my statement, I am sure like my film says we can sit down and work it out. It need not get into a state where we can’t have a discussion. So I will do it,” he told reporters here.

The actor has been defiant, refusing to cow down to Shiv Sena’s demand for an apology on his comments supporting the inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in the IPL.

“So much has been said, so much has been spoken and with all due respect to everybody around the world including my country and my city Mumbai, I just like to say that right now all I want to do is to walk the red carpet, have some champagne, enjoy the film and be happy and inshallah everything will be fine at the end of it,” the 44-year-old superstar said.