Telugu cinema is seeing an influx of writers who are taking up the megaphone and they are proving to be quite adept at the craft

In the next couple of years, Telugu film industry will be seeing some promising storywriters, dialogue writers and lyricists making their debut as directors. This new generation of film makers have not only worked as assistant directors but are knowledgeable in terms of cinema, have their own style and understand what the audience wants and likes and they bring with them a script that sells. It is all about the potential and the only wait is to be discovered, spotted by producers.

Gopi Mohan is currently the most sought after story and dialogue writer for Telugu films, he has the reputation of analysing a story and characters explicitly and works towards meeting the requirements of a box office success whilst keeping the audiences entertained. He will be directing his debut film shortly for producer Malla Vijay Prasad of Wellfare Creations and says that a writer will be able to express himself clearly and completely only when he is given a chance to direct, it is essentially the creative freedom he craves for. If a writer continues to progress in his career without directing, he will have no qualms admitting that most of his works were a compromise and had to write in accordance to the taste of the producer, director and hero.

There is also an advantage when a writer becomes a director, he can execute all kinds of scripts efficiently as he knows best what he wants. Writers see things in a different perspective, they peel back layers to lead on to reality. The importance, recognition and respect he gains if he directs and becomes successful grows with each film. Krishna Chaitanya, who is 27 has finished writing his 100th song for Siddharth-starrer Oh My Friend. He had written 90 songs in the last two years and is now involving himself in the script for Vamsi Paidipally's next film. Chaitanya's goal is to direct. Many films have become successful on account of the dialogues alone, and the best example is writer-cum-director Trivikram Srinivas. The biggest factor that drives the writers to wield the megaphone is money.

Vakkantam Vamsi who started his career as a news reader is now a contributor of stories to big budget film makers, he was recently paid a whopping Rs. 75 lakhs for his forthcoming film. If a story writer can demand such an amount, the figure is far bigger for a director if he comes up with a couple of hits. He marks for himself a permanent place in the industry. Gopi Mohan says money is secondary, it will follow with success but most writers enter the industry with the primary ambition to direct. In his case, he entered the direction department first and lturned writer later. He adds, “It's not that easy to be successful as a director, if the film tanks, the career of the writer will be at cross roads, and that's the main reason why many successful people behave differently as everyone seems like an opportunist. Nothing wrong in aspiring for big money as writers are paid less and sometimes even work for free; they are basically emotional people working for ideologies.”

It is true that there is a dearth of writers in the industry, the writing department is vanishing. Most of the budding writers are into writing only for existence; they hope that some day they would get a chance to direct and they continue with their efforts till they settle down financially before taking the big decision. None can rule out the fact that if a writer is talented, and if that quality is accompanied by luck, it can get him a chance to direct some day, all he needs to have the tenacity in terms of keeping a positive attitude to get the break and ensure career longevity. Almost all the up and coming writers in the industry are nurturing the dream to turn directors, they can get noticed if they generate creative and commercial ideas. As far the audiences and film lovers are concerned, they hope that they dish out sensible films because of their literary background….because they aren't just directors, they are ‘writers turned directors'.

Here are a few writers turned directors:

Paruchuri Brothers: Singanna, Maro Quit India, Sarpa Yagam, Ma Telugu Thalli

Repati Swarajyam, Prajaswamyam, Sri Katna leelalu, Kai Raja Kai

Posani Krishna Murali: Sravana Masam, Operation Duryodhana, Apadha Mokkulavadu, Mental Krishna, Dhushasana

Maraduri Raja: Andariki Vandhanalu

Rajendra Kumar:Loyola College

Dasaradh: Santosham, Sambaram, Sri, Swagatham, Mr Perfect

Sukumar: Arya, Jagadam, Arya 2 , 100 % Love

Satya Murthi: Dadar Express, Chaitanyam

Satyanand: Jhansi Rani

Jandhyala: Ananda Bhairavi, Nalugu Sthambalata, Muddha Mandharam, Srivariki Premalekha, Babai Abbai, Ahana Pellanta, Chantabbai, Rendu Rellu Aaru, Rendu Jella Seetha, Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela, Vivaha Bhojanambu, Hai Hai Nayaka

Narasaraju: Karu Dhiddhina Kapuram

Trivikram Srinivas: Nuvve Nuvve, Athadu, Jalsa, Kaleja

BVS Ravi: Wanted

Veeru Potla: Bindaas, Ragada

Janardhan Maharshi: Chengalva Poodhanda, Gopi

Madan Mohan: Pellaina Kotthalo, Gunde Jallu Mannadhi, Pravarakhyudu

Shoban: Bobby, Varsham, Chanti