Given the foundation laid by Fearless Nadia way back in 1935 with Hunterwali, Bollywood’s actresses should have had more space to showcase their action. Yet, an action heroine was difficult to come by in Hindi films for years. The scenario is slowly changing with heroines being seen in the thick of action. Harshikaa Udasi lists some expected and some rather surprising choices for such roles in upcoming films.

1. Kangna Ranaut

She plays a mutant in Krrish 3 and a dacoit in Revolver Rani and claims that she is loving life as Supergirl! It’s a little difficult to envisage the petite Kangna doing lethal action scenes but in both her roles, the actor has a lot of action built in. While the lid is still covered on how she fights Hrithik in the former, for Revolver Rani Kangna had to take classes to hold the revolver like a pro! Now the dame is shooting in the Chambal ravines.

2. Sonakshi Sinha

We seriously think she could pull off with panache those stunts that the heroes in her films attempt. In her upcoming film with Shahid Kapoor, R…Rajkumar by Prabhu Dheva, Sonakshi is not just beating the baddies black and blue, she is also giving us reason to think that she will do a better job than Shahid who appears not-so-apt for the action hero image.

3. Soha Ali Khan

Soha and action seem no match at all but debutant director Sameer Tiwari of Jo Bhi Karva Lo sees merit in this combination. Of course, Soha Ali Khan is thrilled to bits that she has to punch and kick. The dainty Soha says being slim and fit helps when it comes to doing action roles. She plays a cop in the film. Who would have thought this would happen!

4. Sunny Leone

“Sunny gears for action” makes a great headline. Does it mean flying in the air and punching? It seems so. For director Devang Dholakia’s Tina and Lolo, the Indo-Canadian porn star is training to play an action role. Wonder what audiences will have to say about this?

5. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit has two plum roles in her kitty: Dedh Ishqiya and Gulab Gang, both strong women-oriented films. For Anubhav Sinha’s Gulab Gang, Madhuri has undergone training to fight using a rustic weapon. She has also trained under Shaolin master Shifu Kanishka Sharma for the role. Looks like she will soon lose her dancing diva status and be the next Fearless Nadia!