Civil service officers N. Prasanth and K. Ampady have joined hands to write the script for a new Malayalam film – Aa.ku.pu Complex

For civil service officers N. Prasanth, managing director, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and Additional Commissioner (Excise), and K. Ampady, managing director, Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation, cinema seems to be more than just a passion. The duo have joined hands to write a script for a new Malayalam film – Aa.ku.pu Complex, set to be directed by V.K. Prakash, with Indrajith in the lead. “The film is a tribute to the classic Panchavadi Palam. It’s an out-and-out satire based on the recent discovery of the ‘God Particle’. What would happen if someone discovered a molecule – a Malayali kanam – that could define the basic character of all Malayalis? We’ve termed this fictional particle as the ‘Asooya – Kushump – Pucham’ Complex (jealousy-envy-contempt complex)!” says Prasanth.

Both the officers are keen writers. While Ampady has scripted Ayal, an upcoming flick directed by Suresh Unnithan, Prasanth has written for several publications. “We are good friends and whenever we get together we often discuss movies. We both have a similar taste in movies, so we thought it would be great to collaborate on a project together,” says Prasanth. Apart from Indrajith who plays the role of Shekharan Vaatsyaayana, Aa.ku.pu Complex will have another hero and two heroines. All three are yet to be finalised. “The maverick scientist who discovers the Aa.ku.pu complex, Kasyapan Kanadan, also has a major role in the film,” says Prasanth. The film is expected to go on the floor in November this year.