Aamir spent time at IIM Bangalore to get a feel of life on the campus for college life is something Aamir hasn't experienced in real life

Aamir Khan is ready for his annual march at the box office. If last Christmas, he was all pumped up for “Ghajini”, this year he is back to his ‘intellectual' ways with “3 Idiots”. Yes, the two ‘I's don't rhyme but when it is a Raj Kumar Hirani film serious could be fun and vice versa.

“Hirani loves to tackle serious issues in a funny way. It is not yet another madcap comedy. It tackles a serious issue in a comic tone. Here his definition of idiot is different from what we have in English dictionary. The film says anybody who is a non-conformist and doesn't run after success is an idiot,” says Aamir, who is back to his lean self. It took him six-seven months to get this student look. “It was difficult to part with the six-pack look because I really worked hard to achieve a muscular body.”

As always it was difficult to convince him to play the free-spirited engineering student Rancchhod Das Shamaldas Chanchad or simply Rancho. “I had issues about the age of the character. Rancho is in his early 20s and I have crossed 40. But Vinod Chopra (the producer) told me that you are Rancho at heart. According to him my decisions have also defied logic but they have worked for me. It made me think.” He points out his offbeat decisions like working with new directors and opting for few and fresh offers. “I also couldn't create a hit pair with a heroine.”

However, Aamir soon figured out that Rancho demands boundless energy. “Here I followed my ‘Ghajini' director Murugadoss. He is in his 30s but the way he reacts to simple things gives an impression of a 20-year-old. Then there is a nephew of mine, who is never steady. I closely monitored both of them.”

He denies that the film is an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's “Five Point Someone”. Like Chetan's book, the film is also set in an engineering college and has three principal characters played by Aamir, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. “Raju (Hirani) was inspired by the book to make a film on the subject but the screenplay is totally different. I haven't read the book because it could have changed my impression about the script. I told this to Chetan and he said I did the right thing.”

Campus feel

Aamir spent time at IIM Bangalore to get a feel of life on the campus for college life is something Aamir hasn't experienced in real life. “I moved out after 12th standard and even when I was in school, I hardly attended classes. Either I was busy with dramatics or sports. I used to get my report cards signed in early morning when my mother was half asleep!” But jokes apart, Aamir says the good thing was that his parents allowed him to follow his heart. “See, I am not a failure. This is what the film says. Don't run after success, chase excellence. Schools should prepare children to face the world but what I am seeing is our education system tires them out so much that by the time they come out they hardly have any energy left to take on the challenges that life offers.”

Talking about the philosophy of “All is Well”, the song written by Swanand Kirkire, Aamir says it is about telling your nervous heart that all is well. “It works. It gives the will, the energy to fight it out when the going is tough.” In the film he cites the example of a tottering old guard, who used to shout ‘all is well' so that the residents could sleep well. “It is these little funny but realistic instances that make the film believable without acquiring a preachy tone.”

Always ready with an opinion, Aamir says, “I never use my blog to promote my films. It is only a way to remain connected with my fans directly. I want to share their opinion on different issues.” He finds the changes being propagated by HRD minister Kapil Sibal in the education system as progressive. “I broadly agree with what he is saying.”

And what about the fourth idiot in the film? “Well, it is not fair to call a girl as charming as Kareena Kapoor, an idiot. She is committed and has brought a different layer to the subject.”


I love Aamir, says Chetan Bhagat January 5, 2010