What sets B-town relationships apart? Well, former lovers don't shy away from working together. Harshikaa Udasi examines some ex-files

An old saying goes that relationships are like glass; better left broken than to hurt oneself putting it back together. Most would agree too, but Bollywood's gen next begs to differ. Ex-lovers in this glamour industry are not shying away from working together again and are denying any bad blood with their exes. Why fret when there was nothing at all seems to be their refrain. Not leaving your exes in the no-touch zone makes sense commercially too. Again wouldn't audiences love to revisit the chemistry between estranged lovers? Think of the serpentine queues a Rani-Abhishek or a Salman-Aishwarya film would draw!

Take Shahid-Priyanka, for instance. Infamous as the blow hot-blow cold couple of Bollywood, the duo has never denied nor accepted their relationship publicly. But the two have always been seen as a couple and have even had their share of ‘break ups'. After their last big and supposedly final break-up earlier this year, they have agreed to shoot for Kunal Kohli's Janam Janam Ka Saath Hai Hamara Tumhara. Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor is another such couple, and so is Salman-Katrina. Kareena-Shahid might also follow suit.

Let's take a look at couples who are living happily ever after as friends and co-workers, and also those who wouldn't touch their ex with a barge pole.

Ranbir Kapoor vs. Deepika Padukone

She's hot. He's successful. The two made their dream debut together in 2007 with Om Shanti Om and Saawariya respectively, while they were reportedly dating. Deepika got a fabulous start with a super hit, while Ranbir was not as lucky. But he definitely got the attention. Not just of the masses and the critics, but also of scores of females around Bollywood. Hit or no hit, seeing her man hit it off with the girls was getting Deepika hot under the collar. Then came the big ‘affair' with Katrina. With Kat in the picture, Deepika decided she had had enough. She even called him a cheat publicly in her outburst on Koffee with Karan.

Ever since, Deepika and Ranbir have gone their ways. Siddharth Mallya and several girls have stepped in between them. But news is that the Bachna Ae Haseeno pair will be sizzling up the screens in Ayaan Wake Up Sid Mukherjee's romantic film Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani — quite an apt title for their coming back together. Also a good time for Deepika to show off that nape-of-the-neck RK tattoo.

Shahid Kapoor vs. Priyanka Chopra

Shahid and Priyanka were or are quite a couple (it really depends on their present frame of mind). Every now and then, they'd break up in style (blocking each other off their Twitter account!) and patch up (with the media focussed on them), but both in forever denial mode. Their relationship didn't last though the two had more reams of newsprint dedicated to them than the number of times they have been together on celluloid.

Obviously, there is a lot of publicity guaranteed in bringing them together. And one coffee brand did. Immediately after their break-up, the two advertised for a coffee commercial and managed to pull it off despite the cold vibes. After dragging their feet on the project, the duo will be seen in Kunal Kohli's next, tentatively titled Janam Janam Ka Saath Hai Hamara Tumhara. Really now!

Salman Khan vs. Katrina Kaif

He played mentor to her. She gave her heart to him. But they broke up. It was waiting to happen. Salman is known for his intolerance and possessiveness. Katrina's growing popularity among audiences as well as a certain Ranbir Kapoor didn't go down well with him. He publicly revealed his break-up and Katrina was so shaken that she wept publicly.

She may now be quite independent to handle her own life and career, but Salman is too steady and too big a star to ignore. For Salman too, a younger actor of Kat's calibre helps add glamour to his movies. Add to it their history and you have YashRaj Films convincing the two to come back together for Kabir Khan's (Kabul Express, New York) Ek Tha Tiger.

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

Sasha-Bebo was the most adorable couple Bollywood had in recent times. But destiny had other plans. At least, Shahid certainly had. He was reportedly the first one to cheat by dating Vidya Balan while shooting for Kismet Connection. As news of this reached Kareena, then shooting overseas, she found a ready shoulder to cry on — Saif's.

After a nasty timeout, they refused to even look each other's way and flatly denied having anything to do with the other. Now there is news on Kareena being asked to sign the sequel to Once Upon A Time In Mumbai opposite Shahid Kapoor, who will be reportedly playing gangster Chota Rajan. Kareena, it seems, is still not comfortable, while Sasha is considering the offer. Bebo is using her muscle to replace him with Imran Khan. Yet this is a pair whose magic we would like to see on the big screen again.

Ranveer Singh vs. Anushka Sharma

These two may have barely entered Bollywood, but they have let their personal life take over work. Ranveer and Anushka became an item over the time spent on making Band Baaja Baaraat. The super hit status of that one got them the next, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. But Ranveer soon earned himself the reputation of being a serial dater! They have had huge fights and a messy break-up ever since, and now everyone's praying for the film.


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