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Updated: June 27, 2013 20:19 IST

The dramatist

Harshini Vakkalanka
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Emran Hashmi is carving his unique path Photo: Murali Kumar K.
The Hindu
Emran Hashmi is carving his unique path Photo: Murali Kumar K.

Emran Hashmi says he wants to be seen as an unpredictable actor

What drew Emran Hashmi to Ghanchakkar is one of its taglines which said “A man who robs a bank has forgotten where he has kept the money”.

“I had never done a thriller-comedy, I found it interesting and I thought the line was a great takeaway from the film and that s the reason I did it,” he said an interaction post the release of the film organized by PVR at the Park Hotel.

Emran plays the role of the amnesiac who robs a bank (to bring money home to his wife) with the help of two others who decide that he would keep the money until it was safe for to be divided. But when they go back they realize that Emran now has amnesia and has forgotten where he’s kept the money.

Actor Vidya Balan, with whom Emran’s chemistry in The Dirty Picture worked quite well, plays his wife.

“Vidya is fantastic. Through Dirty Picture we got to know each other and I think she’s a great actor, she’s spontaneous. After the great equeation we shared in Dirty Picture, I’m sure fans would have wanted to see us together sooner. Now we’re back after a year and I can assure them that it’s worth the wait.”

Emran believes that this film too, just like Jannat Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, The Dirty Picture and Shanghai will change the perception about him.

“Each of these films are a landmark in their own way and so it’s tough to pick out any one role that stands out. I think something changes in you with every performance whether it’s good or bad. Every bad film offers a chance to rectify and every good performances touches something real in you, so you evolve through that process,” he explains.“With every film there’ sa certain approach to character. So you learn new skills with every film.”

He is even quite happy with Vishal Bharadwaj’s Ek Thi Dayan which was not a flyway hit at the box office.

“It was an experimental horror film and ass far as the box office is concerned, it brought in fairly respectable numbers. We clocked in 28-30 crores which ,for me, was great because it opened up a multiplex audience for horror. It might not have done as well as previous horror films but it worked in a different way, it was meant to be experimental.”

So as actor, what he would like to be seen as, he says, is someone who is unpredictable.

“I want to be seen as someone who has carved his own unique path. I did it my way thorough silms that were successful and not so successful. But it’s in the process and ultimately I want to come across as an honest professional doing as many good films as I can, getting better with performances and giving fans what they want.”

And despite his earlier image as the notorious “serial kisser”, what he has a penchant for is thrillers.

“I love thrillers, I love suspense films but I think my next choice would be comedy. I want to do a nice comedy film. But I like intense dramatic films, I like drama. I don’t’ understand romantic films, atleast not the candyfloss romance. It’s bizarre but my favourite romance film is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.I love the story.”

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