From the first frame to the last, director Kumaran has taken pains to incorporate all the ingredients of a box office commercial into R. P. Creations' Thairiyam. The triumph of good over evil is the crux of the story.

Hero Kumaran (played by the director) saves his girlfriend from the menacing Riyas Khan. Following a duel with Kumaran, Riyas slips into a coma. But the intrigue lies in the fact that all Riyas' friends are killed. Several twists and turns involving the evil-minded villain Kamaraj help sustain interest till the end.

Acting wise, Kumaran passes the litmus test. Nevertheless, he must take care of his make-up. Deepu as Ramya (she completes the romantic triangle) is average but manages to get more frames than the heroine! Karthika as Jennifer looks good but has nothing much to do but stand beside the hero.

Radharavi performs well, while Ponnambalam is reduced to a punching bag. Riyas Khan's role is limited to the first and the last reels. ‘Mr. Madras' Kamaraj makes good use of the role to prove his fighting skills.

Navaneethakrishnan's camera work is noteworthy, while R. D. Mohan Singh's music is above average. As the film has more of stunts ‘Powerfast' work is interesting to some extent.

Kumaran, who multi-tasks — writing the story, screenplay, dialogue, acting, directing and producing — seems to lose concentration here and there. But as a newcomer, you can still forgive him for the flaws.


Genre: Action

Director: Kumaran

Cast: Kumaran, Deepu, Karthika, Radharavi, Ponnambalam, Riyas Khan and Kamaraj

Storyline: A young man's heroic activities to save himself and his lady love.

Bottomline: Okay for a first attempt.