Telugu film comedian Padmanabham, who also produced and directed some Telugu films, has died of heart attack. He was 79.

Padmanabham suffered a heart attack on Saturday morning at his Chennai residence. In the evening, he was pronounced dead by doctors who attended on him.

Basavaraja Venkata Padmanabha Rao, better known as Padmanabham, was born Aug 21, 1931, in Simhadripuram village in Kadapa district. He worked in theatre before he was introduced in films.

His death comes a few days after another character actor, Gummadi Venkateshwara Rao, passed away.

Padmanabhan got a break in films through “Krishna Prema” in 1943. He gained prominence after acting in “Maya Lokam,” directed by Gudavalli Ramabrahmam.

He acted in almost 400 movies, including many superhits like “Pathala Bhairvai” and “Bhadra,” released in 2005. His last film was “Tata Birla Madyalo Laila,” which was released in 2006.

He was very popular as a comedy artiste for almost two decades from 1960 to 1980.

Padmanabham produced many films, including “Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna”, “Potti Pleaderu”. His major hits include “Shavukaru”, “Patala Bhairavi”, “Paramanandayya Sishyula Katha”, “Kathanayika Molla”, “Dasara Bullodu”, “Iddaru Mitrulu”.

He won the Andhra Pradesh government’s award for best comedian and the prestigious Allu Ramalingaiah National Award.