On location Jithu Joseph's ‘Mummy & Me’ revolves around the relationship between a mother and her teenaged daughter. Vijay George

The camera is focussed on a priest who is talking to a group gathered outside a church at Elamgulam, Pala. The director goes for a rehearsal and the first take is canned.

The shots are for the movie ‘Mummy & Me’ that has been scripted and directed by Jithu Joseph. Janardhanan plays the priest who is taking to the group comprising actors Mukesh, Urvashi, Archana Kavi and Kunchacko Boban.

Says Jithu who debuted with the movie ‘Detective': “‘Mummy & Me’ is about the tumultuous relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter. I think such scenes are common in most homes as parents become overtly concerned about their daughters when they reach their teens; the teens find this annoying.”

The story

The story unfolds in a mist-laden town, where a bank officer named Joseph (Mukesh) lives with his wife, Clara (Urvashi), and their kids. Archana Kavi, who shot to fame as the heroine in Lal Jose's ‘Neelathamara,' plays their daughter Jewel, an undergraduate student who lives in her world of dreams.

Jewel loves listening to western music and chatting on the Internet. Her mother is strict with her and she resents that. Mukesh plays a referee between the mother-and-daughter's fights.

Says Urvashi: “The anxiety of a mother as her daughter grows up is indeed genuine, especially in today's world where there is so much misuse of cell phones and the Internet.”

Rahul (Kunchacko Boban) is an MBA student at the same college and is Jewel's local guardian there as their families are good friends.

Lalu Alex and Shari play his parents. He is fond of Jewel but is hesitant to reveal it as he is not sure how she would react.

“The problem with Jewel is that she is still trying to find herself. And although she is almost 20, her mom expects her to behave like a 10-year-old. As a result, she tends to rebel against her mother. But she also knows, that no matter what, her parents will stand by her if she is in trouble,” says Archana.

‘Mummy & Me’, produced by Joy Thomas Sakthikulangara under the banner of Jithin Arts, will hit cinemas in April. Vipin Mohan wields the camera and Sejo John is the music director. Still photography is by Sunil Guruvayoor.