Nicole Kidman has told how her baby daughter Sunday Rose is already showing signs of following in her tall footsteps. The Aussie Oscar winner says her little girl is already far taller than the average 18-month-old and she fears she may be heading for the same beanpole troubles as she encountered growing up. Asked who Sunday Rose most resembles out of her and husband Keith Urban, Nicole says: “She looks like Keith definitely. She's got my height though. She's off the chart for height.” Talking about her own tall story, the 42-year-old Nine star adds: “I'm 5ft 11ins but taller when I have heels on. But I was this tall when I was 13. It was awful. No boys liked me. It was tough.”

Matt takes a ribbing on Armoured set

Hollywood actor Matt Dillon found out that the title of his new movie was Armoured only after almost breaking his ribs, filming the action-packed romp. The Crash star has told how he was so determined to prove his hard man credential while shooting the film that he ended up doing most of his own stunts despite having a team of fall guys standing by. “I thought I broke my ribs at one point,” says Matt. “They didn't break, but I heard a click when I landed on them. I'm tackling this big homeless guy in this big chase scene and when I landed there was no soft landing. We had top stunt coordinators, but still they're very eager to say, ‘Hey, you want to jump on board?' And I'm like, ‘Yeah, let's go. I'm ready.' You don't want to be the guy who's going, ‘I don't think so.'”

No catfights for Kate

She is all loved up with her man A-Rod that blonde beauty Kate Hudson says she can never imagine fighting over him with another woman. Kate prefers to discuss problems over lunch than get into a row about them. “I can't imagine fighting over a guy.”

Star-struck with Kate

Big screen sex siren Eva Mendes has confessed she has a girl crush on Brit Oscar winner Kate Winslet. The 35-year-old beauty says, “I adore Kate Winslet — I completely idolise her and she is so beautiful. She's done nudity in so many of her films yet she is not known for that because she is known for her work and she goes there as an actress. I have never met her and I'm thinking maybe it's time to write her a love letter.”

‘I'm a new woman'

The last year has been a real rollercoaster for Rihanna and she feels it has changed her as a person. The Russian Roulette singer has made such changes to her life she can barely recognise herself. “The way I live my life now is different. I have grown up a lot. I'm a new woman. You have to go through things in life to come out of it as a better and stronger person and even though this whole experience was awful I have come out of it stronger."