Director Sunil Kumar Reddy renews his commitment to social causes with a film that deals with teen sexuality

Every time his semi-art film gets critical acclaim at the film festivals but bombs at the box office, a disappointed auteur Sunil Kumar Reddy says his next film will be an out and out commercial story. But after a sabbatical, he gets his next hard-core social issue ready. After Sontha Vooru and Gangaputrulu, it is Criminals which deals with teen sexuality, and his anguish will be reflected in the film that revolves around youth. The shooting has begun in Vishakapatnam, his favourite city, and the director has roped in all newcomers including the character artistes.

He talks about emotions being corrupted, values being eroded in the guise of development and shows the parents' point of view in a serious manner while the teen's point of view in a light- hearted way. “It is the story of three girls, one in the tenth, one in intermediate and the last studies in an engineering college, and the conflict that they go through in that particular age. They are best friends and the story is their journey. I met many police officials, doctors and RMPs who conduct illegal abortions in the outskirts of the city. There is rampant use of contraception, even at the school level, from the sixth standard onwards,” Informs the director. Sunil Kumar says that the main part of the film deals with parents not giving enough time to their children, and instead compensating it with material comforts. He further states that he is too conscious not to be vulgar and reveals astonishing and alarming data of teens terminating pregnancies twice or thrice, thus hurting their reproductive system. He cites the example of a school in Delhi where the rest rooms are dumped with contraceptives and adds that our schools are not far behind, they are merely pushing the matter under the carpet.

Sunil Kumar adds that he is not forcing his opinion on anyone, but is merely being honest in showing the truth prevailing in our State.