A special presentation by screenwriter Amole Gupte of Aamir Khan’s film Taare Zameen Par will take place at the Unesco headquarters in Paris on February 3.

The Unesco is hosting its first-ever World Dyslexia Forum from February 3 to 5, and the first day will witness a special presentation of the film on a boy suffering from dyslexia.

“The presentation will reveal the years of systematic research that wove science into the art of storytelling to create a film that took critics and the box-office in India by storm when it was released two years ago,” says a statement issued by the organisation.

“With Disney now distributing the DVD of the film worldwide, it is hoped that the sensitive portrayal of the travails of a young boy with dyslexia will find a much wider audience and provide deeper insight into the effects of this complexed disorder,” it says.

Taare Zameen Par released in 2007 was directed by Mr. Khan and starred child actor Darsheel Safary in the lead role.