Serial actor Abishek, who makes his debut as director, succeeds in weaving in some suspense in this otherwise simple tale. But the screenplay slips in the second half in Akash Akshai Raj Cine International's Kathai. The film starts as a routine love story but takes interesting twists after the lead pair marries.

Naren (Shaan Kumar) is a popular writer who has won awards and rewards. He woos Kavya (Nivedhitha), a beautiful girl marries her. They go on a holiday to New York and there she meets her childhood friend Anand (Abinay). What happens in New York forms the climax which has its moments of thrills.

Abishek is a good technician with a flair for story-telling. But if only he had cut certain unwanted shots, it would have made an interesting film.

Shaan Kumar has done a good job right from the beginning. But the same cannot be said of Nivedhitha. Taking the cue from the director, she dons dull make-up in the first half to distinguish her look from the second half. Her expressions are good but the angles have deceived her in some scenes. Abinay is perfect for his role. Nalini, ‘Kanja' Karuppu and ‘Crazy' Kumar provide the laughs.

Paul J. has done a good job on the re-recording but he should have concentrated more on the songs which is always a relief in a film of this nature. Cinematography is ably handled by Abushah. Editor R. R. Eashwar must have pruned the film tightly. Dialogues by Surulirasan and Abishek are adequate.


Genre: Drama

Director: Abishek

Cast: Shaan Kumar, Nivedhitha, Abinay, Deepa Venkat, Nalini, ‘Kanja' Karuppu and ‘Crazy' Kumar.

Storyline: All about a writer's life.

Bottomline: A little more pace in the proceedings would have helped.