Movie: Azhgarsamiyin Kudhirai

Cast: Appukutty, Prabhakaran, Saranya Mohan, Advaita,Sury, Devraj Aruldas

Cloud Nine's latest release, “Azhgarsaamiyin Kudhirai”, is based on Bhaskar Sakthi's novel of the same name. It is about the chaos that occurs after the wooden horse of Mallayapuram's village temple goes missing, and how it leads to a happy ending.

Simple yet wonderful

Nowadays, one out of every four movies seem to be shot in Madurai or some rural background, but director Suseendran has managed to deliver this one with a fresh lease of life.

The plot has a take on the many superstitious practices and so-called religious beliefs that prevail in villages even today. This movie, just like his previous productions, is packed with satire and comedy, thanks to Bhaskar Shakti's dialogues.

The movie does not seem to have even one slow moment, thanks to some swift screenplay, good cinematography (Theni Eshwar) and deft editing (Kasi Vishwanathan). The comedy track, about the fake ‘samiyaars' is neat indeed.

The fight sequences, by Anal Arasu, definitely deserve mention, as he has kept them highly believable. Appukutty pulls off a commendable performance, and so does Prabhakaran, who has come far since his “Chennai 28” days.

The movie's biggest strength is its realism. The portrayal, the plot and all the characters in the movie do not seem out of life at all.

Minute minuses

But there are some weak points too. The story, though well etched, seems outdated, and the second half, especially the sequence before the finale, looks like something from a Devar Films production.

The maestro's music does suit the movie, but none of the songs seem to have an impact at all, and his rendering of Kuthikkira… sounds very different, not in a nice way though.

The plot, on the whole, is too simple. This is one of those rare movies in Tamil cinema, where story reigns supreme, not the “star-studded” cast the crowds look for.

There is nothing extraordinary about this movie, but its simplicity and silent neatness will linger in your hearts, once you're out.

Bottomline: If you've read the novel, it might be interesting to see its treatment on-screen. If you haven't, and want to see a family entertainer, this seems to be one option out of the few releases this time.

ADITYA BASKARAN, XII, Chettinad Vidyashram.