Catch five movies at a Brazilian Film Festival

Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, in association with the Embassy of Brazil, New Delhi, organises a Brazilian Film Festival. As many as five films will be screened from November 19 to 22 at the Devi Sree Devi Preview Theatre, No. 14, Vijaya Raghava Road, T. Nagar. Films directed by Walter Salles, Marcelo Gomes, Marcos Prado and Sergio Rezende will be screened. For details, call 2821-2652.

On the Road (November 19, 6.30 p.m.) revolves around three people who take to the road, determined not to get locked in a constricted life

Linha de Passe (November 20, 6.15 p.m.) is set in the periphery of São Paulo, and is the story of a pregnant single mother, whose other children all have different fathers. Each one experiences new deceptions and expectations while the family fights to survive

Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures (November 20, 7.45 p.m.) talks of a friendship between a Brazilian and a German and what follows when Brazil declares war on Germany

Estamira (November 21, 6.15 p.m.) is a documentary about a 63-year-old woman who’s been working for over 20 years at a landfill in Rio de Janeiro. She’s schizophrenic, charismatic, and the leader of a small community of old people living off garbage.

The Battle of Canudos (November 22, 6.15 p.m.) is based on the true story of the tragic war of Canudos in the late 1890s