The director who announced his arrival to Kollywood with the refreshing rural-centric "Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu" has proved himsef to be the one to look out for with "Naan Mahaan Alla".

Usual yet different

NMH is surely the director's movie and Karthi stands testimony to this statement by being the director's actor. He comes across as a lovable scamp and fits the role to a ‘T'; he turns in a poignant and splendid performance; his best till date. NMH is not your usual run-of-the-mill commercial venture; it's a commercial film all right, but it is the treatment which makes NMH stand out. Jeeva (Karthi) is a happy-go-lucky jobless middle class youth. He has an excellent gang of friends and a solid family with father Jayaprakash (brilliant performance), a call taxi driver. Right from the moment he sets his eyes on Priya (Kajal Aggarwal), his approach towards her, the way Cupid strikes and the chain of events that leads Jeeva confessing his love to Priya's father are all well crafted, with the help of some taut dialogue.

As a parallel story, six local college guys who go about playing football have a dark side. They rape a woman and under the influence of drugs, murder a couple. When the body parts are discovered by the cops in a garbage heap, the plot gets connected with Jeeva's family. His father was the driver who ferried the couple. So the accused set out to kill him. The scene in which he is killed is conceived brilliantly. Once Jeeva gets to know their identity, the chase and climax that unfolds are nothing short of a roller-coaster ride (for once I really wanted the bad guys to be bashed up by the hero).

Other pluses

Madhie's camera and Yuvan's music are the other USPs of the movie. Just three songs, sans duet, Yuvan hits the ‘bull's eye' with “Vaa Vaa” and “Iragai Pola”. The BGM of the climax is mind-blowing. Though the climax is a bit abrupt and contrived, it justifies the title nevertheless.

Bottomline: NMH scores in its portrayal of a highly believable and realistic commercial plot. It's a solid film with solid performances. Keep up the good work, Suseendhran!

Movie: Naan Mahaan Alla

Cast: Karthi, Kajal Aggarwal

SHWATH RAM G., III Year, Biotech, St. Joseph's College of Engineering