If we were to define friendship just like how professors want us to write answers, then it is a form of interpersonal relationship generally considered to be closer than association. Snehitudu has been ‘engineered' to circle around this theme of pure friendship. Being a remake of 3 Idiots, the film is at a disadvantage. Comparisons will be made and there is probably no escape or excuse but let's just assume that there is, and then Snehitudu climbs high on the ladder as a film with its heart in the right place.

When we say remake, it really is. It's an exact version of 3 Idiots with a change in cast. If you've seen the Hindi version, you will miss Omi Vaidya and Bomman Irani but give Sathyan who plays Srinivas a.k.a. Silencer and Sathyaraj who portrays Virus, a chance and you'll be floored by their charm.

The only action or fight sequences you'll see are a few slaps here and there. With no violence and no real anti-hero or a hero for that matter, the film shines because it cashes in on the elements of well… having a story. If Ranchoddas made you smile in the original, Panchabhatla Sarangapani and later Phunsuk Wangdu oops Kosaksi Pachipulusula essayed by Vijay will make you laugh as well. Sriram and Jiva are his faithful allies.

It's a campus story about friendship, love, drinking, failing, fighting, pulling all-nighters and most of all forming a kinship that will last a lifetime. The script is effortlessly good — spinning through the past, present and future never seemed that smooth and the characters are affable. Ileana does a pretty good job but fell short of a sparkle here and there. The Aska-laska song (zoobi-doobi) was a delight and Shankar's signature effects came into play when the sky played host to a million moons along with a million flowers on Ileana. Karthik T.M.K. makes an appearance as the ‘price-tag' who cares about nothing but brands and comes across funny and you'll figure out his hatred for all things green when he comically yells, “Why do you people eat so much chutney!” There's more — S.J. Suryah of Khushi fame gives a brief appearance.

With the right mix of comedy and emotion, it's an entertainer. The film will tug at your heart strings in the scene where Sriram tells his father that he wants to become a wildlife photographer. The dialogues from the Hindi version have been translated well. Even the famous speech by Chatur Ramalingam or 3 idiots fell in place with Srinivas' speech. Watch it to relive the magic of 3 Idiots.


Genre: Comedy/Humour

Cast: Vijay, Jiva, Sriram, Ileana, Sathyaraj, Sathyan

Director: Shankar

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Plot: 3 friends, one story and a whole lot of fun

Bottomline: Ignore the bad lip sync to see the heart of the film