Incidents, interesting and dangerous, have been a part of Trilok’s life. A sample: “Can you believe it if I say that I’ve travelled with a huge snake in my hold-all for three days,” he asks. As an assistant of director Joseph Thaliath, he was in the forests of Thalakkad, near Mysore. “We had to sleep under a tree for two nights and the reptile must have got into my baggage then. The following evening I boarded the train to Chennai, and spread out the bed. Not a movement, it must have slept too! I reached home in the morning in an auto-rickshaw hugging the hold-all! It was later, when my mother opened the luggage that my companion felt it was time to slither out,” Trilok laughs heartily. “If only it had decided to make its exit while on the train …”


Moorings and musingsMarch 24, 2011