After a downswing in his career, Prateik is looking for the right role and the right backing

He is a rare star son who has no airs. Not very surprising because young Prateik is the son of the hugely talented late actress Smita Patil and actor-turned-politician Raj Babbar. Prateik made his acting debut with the Aamir Khan production Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na and since then has acted in films like Dhobi Ghaat, Dum Maro Dum, Aarakshan, My Friend Pinto and Issaq. After a promising start many of his films have failed at the box office and some critics have found his delivery stilted. He was in Noida the other day to inaugurate the 6th Global Film Festival at Marwah Studios along with Hollywood film maker Jeno Hodi, Karl Bardosh from New York University, stylist Judith Lazar and noted director Ketan Mehta.


What brings you here?

I am here to inaugurate the film festival and it’s a great opportunity to share the dais with some Hollywood and Bollywood greats. I feel so honoured. It’s a beautiful way of communicating through movies and stories and we do understand that it is a universal language. So, I am very happy to promote such events.

As a rising actor, what is more important for you before choosing a film, your role or the banner?

Obviously role is more important, if you are excited about your role but you do not have a great backing then what’s the point. I have been trying to find characters what I enjoy doing but also have the right backing behind them. You have to worry about not just one thing.

Is it difficult or easy to be a star kid in the industry?

It is very difficult and very easy too. It is easy because you just have to sit back, lay back and say I am born in films and this is it but the difficult part is the downs you get, the negatives you get, the expectations people have. I am someone who wants to take all these challenges and live up to the expectations of the audience. If people hate me because I am a star kid I want to make them love me. So, it’s fun.

What are the other projects you are working on?

I cannot mention the names at this stage but yes some are very interesting. There is one multi-starrer and one solo hero film. These are the two projects which have been worked out and the formal announcement will be made soon.

How has been your journey in the industry so far?

My journey in the industry so far is slow, slow and slow. I am looking forward to every tomorrow.