Full of ideas

After Ellam Avan Seyal, director Shaji Kailash and actor RK (who played the villain in Avan Ivan) come together for their brand of humour in E P Ko. Says RK: “I’m happy to be working with the director again. It’s a thriller in which I play a cop. Shaji comes across as a simple man, but he’s full of ideas. This film has a good story, and in fact, is better than my previous film with him. One part of the film is over, and we’re planning to go abroad to shoot the rest.”

3D- ready!

Movie fans have a lot to cheer about as one more theatre in the city goes the 3-D way. Kamala Cinemas has just released The Amazing Spider-Man on the 3-D platform. Says C.T. Valliappan, the director of Kamala Cinemas: “We are in the digital age, and it’s important to keep abreast of the trend. We recently decided to provide viewers the high-quality D-cinema experience. Also, now we get to release the films in the city when it releases in the U.S.” Currently, one of the two screens at Kamala Cinemas offers the D-cinema experience. Shortly, the other screen too will go the D way.