Carrying on the good work

The Stunt Union Association of the Tamil film industry conducted a free eye camp last week, and the stars of tinseltown were there almost in full attendance. Those present included S.P. Muthuraman, Hari, S.P. Jananathan, Ameer, FEFSI Vijayan, Karthi, Bosskey, A.R. Murugadoss, Saran, Arun Vijay, Sathyaraj, Arya, Shanthanoo Bhagyaraj, ‘Jayam' Ravi, Karan, Prasanna and Jayaprakash. Conducted by yesteryear actor Jai Shankar's son Vijay Shankar of Shankar Eye Clinic, the camp was inaugurated by Cho. Sathyaraj said: “Jaishankar was kind-hearted, and gave his callsheet to directors in dire need, without taking a penny. His son has taken after the father. He conducted a similar camp for the producers' council too. This will go a long way in remembering Jaishankar.”

On a song

Actor-director R. Parthepan has written songs for films — but now he'll wield the mike. The song is for director Rathan Chandrasekar's upcoming “En Peyar Kumarasamy”. So, how did he convince Parthepan? “Oh, that was easy”, says the director. “The song is sung by the hero about his ladylove. And, I wanted Parthepan to sing it. Once he saw the lyrics, he readily agreed. I guess it appealed to the poet in him.” The film's music is composed by V. Thashi.

Stealing hearts

After the hit “Mynaa”, Vidharath is now looking forward to his next “Kollaikaran”, produced by K.V. Prasath for Prasanth Cine Arts. “I'm paired with Sanjitha Reddy in the film directed by Thamizh Selvan. We shot for nearly 15 days in and around Athur and Kumbakonam. It rained throughout the shoot, but, interestingly, there's not a single shot of rain in any of the frames,” says the actor. The story is about a young man whose small mistakes snowball into something huge, and how he handles it. Why the title? “I am a thief who also steals a girl's heart…”


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012