Now, a film on mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan. And guess who’s playing the lead

Gemini Ganesan’s grandson Abhinay will play the mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan in the film Ramanujan. It will be directed by Gnana Rajasekaran, noted for biographical films of personalities such as Bharathiar and Periyar. The film will chronicle 20 years of Ramanujan’s life from the age of 12. “Abhinay will have two looks in the film — as a young Brahmin and later dressed more like a Westerner,” says Gnana Rajasekaran. According to the director, the film will showcase the more human side of the man, who is otherwise known only as a mathematical genius. Produced by Camphor Films, Ramanujan will simultaneously be made in two languages, English and Tamil.

So, why does he want to make biographies? “I resent the way Tamil cinema constructs its heroes. By making biographies, I want to do my bit to make sure people remember the real heroes,” says the director, who has won multiple national and State awards for his films such as Mogha Mul, Bharathi and Periyar.

All's in a name

Suresh Kumar, whose Manadhil Maayam Seidhai went on the floors recently, has chosen to call it MMS. While he acknowledges the ‘scandalous nature’ of this abbreviation, Suresh Kumar maintains that MMS is relevant to this film, said to be a ‘rich love story’. Why does he want to give it a mischievous short form? “Modern technology has created a lot of problems in society. In this film, an MMS plays havoc in the life of a couple. Which is why I wanted to call it MMS,” explains the director. Manadhil Maayam Seidhai is produced by Full House Entertainment. It stars Disha Pandey, Sethu and Prince in the lead.