Ghost guard

Director Thirumalai, who has made films such as Thee Nagar, Agam Puram and Kasedhaan Kadavulada, is back with Maan Vettai, a supernatural thriller. The film is about a couple who, after being killed, turn into ghosts and kill those who venture into the forests. “The film talks, in a light-hearted way, about how human beings disturb the ecosystem,” says Thirumalai. How difficult was it to shoot in the forests? “Tough. We worked for more than 20 hours for 12 days to wrap up the film in one schedule. We used three camera units simultaneously,” he says. Maan Vettai is produced by G. Krishnakumar and G. Kamala Kannan. Srikanth Deva has scored the music while Vijay Valsan has handled the camera. Sharan (Kasedhaan Kadavulada), and Shivani play the lead.

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