She is known for her comic timing on both the small and big screen. And though she has been in the industry for several years now, this bubbly actor’s acting prowess has never been utilised in full. However a role in V.K. Prakash’s Beautiful has brought in a fresh lease to Tesni Khan’s acting career. The actor who has a role “which the audience will either love or hate,” in Prakash’s Trivandrum Lodge, is stepping into a new role, that of a mother in Aashiq Abu’s Da Thadiya. “Till date I have never played the role of a mother in any of my movies. When Aashiq narrated the script of Da Thadiya, I thought, why not. I play a new-age mom to Ann Augustine.”

Julie forever

Of the original cast of Chattakari, only Sukumari has acted in the recently released remake of the film, directed by Santosh Sethumadhavan, where she plays role of the elderly aunt, who gives lead character Julie, a sanctuary. Producer Suresh Kumar says that he had also approached actor Lakshmi to act in the film. “I had asked Lakshmi if she would do the role of Maggie (Julie’s mom). But she turned me down and told me ‘I want to remain as Julie’. I admire her for it. Her love for the character is so much that even her caller tune is ‘Julie, I love You…!”