Sonam Kapoor made news a couple of months ago when she bagged her first YashRaj film. Now there is more from the girl. She is set to don a two-piece for the first time on screen for the film studio. That comes as a huge surprise because she has always maintained that she has no inclination to don swimwear as she does not have the body for it! Reportedly, Sonam has now started working towards acquiring that body. We also gathered that she is playing a lawyer in this film. Ahem. Anything for YashRaj.

Order, order!

Promotions and publicity are getting really innovative nowadays, and for an upcoming film of Arshad Warsi — Jolly LLB, where he plays an unsuccessful lawyer, the team created a witness box where everyone was made to stand! A rickety typewriter and a peeling signboard were added for effect. Arshad even swore on an imaginary holy book that this film was a super hit. Hope the audience concurs.