Not often does one come across actors who don’t mind sacrificing roles for the sake of their friends. Recently, Vishal made a surprising confession at a press conference.

Vishal said, “Arya is a great friend. He has always let me have my way. Samar, for instance, was a film originally created for Arya. But when I heard the script, I was so impressed that I told Arya I wanted to do the film and he readily agreed. He has always been generous. Even when we acted together in Bala’s Avan Ivan, he told me, ‘You select the role you want to play first and I’ll take the other one.’”

Not working for awards

Cameraman Sukumar, whose breathtaking shots in Kumki have fetched him praise, says he does not work for awards.

“The deserving often don’t get awards these days. I believe awards should be given based on public votes. So, I don’t worry about them. My only aim is to meet people’s expectations,” says Sukumar, whose work in his earlier film Mynaa also won him acclaim.

A particular sequence in Kumki shot at the Jog falls in Karnataka has the camera zooming in on the falls from above. Ask him how he managed to shoot it and how the lead actors were persuaded to do the risky shot, and he says, “We had to get permission to shoot this sequence from the authorities in Delhi. Both director Prabhu Solomon and I showed the lead actors what had to be done. We were scared ourselves but never made this evident. Watching us, the actors gained confidence and agreed to do the sequence.”

Two at a time

Hoping to make a departure from the norm in an industry in which small producers produce only one film at a time, Ravinder Chandrashekar, who is producing Nalanum Nandhiniyum, has decided to also produce Sutta Kadhai. What’s more, the producer, who says he is confident both the films will work big time at the box office, plans to release the audios of both the films in Switzerland. And if that is not enough, he is set to produce director Karu Pazhaniappan’s next film.

Samantha scores!

Actor Samantha seems to have earned the admiration of the entire crew of Neethane En Ponvasantham.

A source describes her thus: “That girl was outstanding. She is a thorough professional and a delight to work with. The film, shot simultaneously in three languages — Tamil, Telugu and Hindi — had her playing the female lead in all the versions. So, she had to do a romantic scene three different times and in a span of a few minutes. However, she did a brilliant job in all the three versions. Yes, Samantha has truly arrived.”


Musings of a maestroDecember 24, 2012