After Kerala and Andhra, Kollywood is looking towards Karnataka for fresh, new faces. One film old Sanchita Shetty is gradually moving up the popularity ladder after signing Soodhu Kavvum opposite Vijay Sethupathy. Earlier she had done the second lead alongside Tamannaah in Thillalangadi and the main role in Kollaikkaran opposite Viddarth. Before doing Tamil films, Sanchita had done a few Kannada films. Says Sanchita, “In contrast to the village girl role in Kollaikkaran, I play a modern girl in Soodhu Kavvum. Director Nalin has etched out the role well. The film is a family entertainer and most of the technical team is the same as that of Pizza.


Parineeti’s next

Dr. Rajasekar’s nephew Madan is debuting as director in Summa. Following his earlier appearances in Parvathipuram and Gamanam (both in Telugu), Madan will also don the hero’s role in Summa. Bollywood’s Parineeti Chopra (Ishaqzaade) is expected to play the female lead. Madan is planning to have a second heroine in the film for which he has written the story, screenplay and dialogues. “Parineeti’s dates are available only in April and since she will not have time to travel out of Mumbai, we are planning to shoot her portions in that city. I have requested her to set aside six days for our work and I hope to finalise the deal when I go there this week. Meanwhile, I have shortlisted Rupa Manjari, the heroine of Naan for the second lead. The story is based in the city for the first ten minutes of the film and thereafter all action will take place in the forest. It is an out and out comedy film with a surprise element in the climax,” informs Madhan.


Good words

Actor Ajith Kumar is known to have helped a lot of new comers to launch their careers in his films. Ajith goes out of the way to make them comfortable and even offers advice. A recent instance is that of young actor Munish who has been roped in to play a part in director Siva’s film for Vijaya Productions. So, what did Ajith have to say to Munish? “Work hard! Pay your taxes! Respect your elders and devote enough time for your family! Donate a part of your income to the needy! Neither impose your thoughts on others nor let them impose theirs on you! Don’t let money alone decide who you work with! Live and let live! These are not words of advice but an experience of a journey called life.” This is what Ajith is said to have told Munish.


Revenge story

After gaining experience making short films and documentaries, E.K. Sekar comes up with his first feature film Maasi Thiruvizha. “The central theme of the story is revenge. The hero, born to a woman with mental instability, becomes an orphan after her untimely death. He is offered a job as a mechanic and eventually his boss arranges an alliance with a girl, who also happens to be mentally unstable. He takes pity on her and marries her to look after her as much as he did his mother. But, as fate would have it, she is sexually assaulted by four men. The hero during the Maasi thiruvizha in his town avenges the crime by eliminating all four at the festival,” says Sekar. The director has introduced Vithun and Banushree as the lead pair, supported by Sathish and Balameena.