Trisha got adventurous recently. Taking a week off work, she and her co-stars in Telugu film RUM — Rambha, Urvasi and Menaka, went to Maldives. Adventure-loving Trisha got into scuba diving and received a certificate. She tweeted, “Scuba-diving — I enjoyed each moment of it. Truly 1 of my most memorable xperiences.. Indescribable, therapeutic.. so deep, so dark, so silent, d ocean is a world by itself..” She elaborates that the experience cannot be expressed in words. Interestingly, there’s another actor too who has a scuba diving certificate — Arun Vijay.

Back together

Super Good Films and actor Vijay are back together for a film. Directed by R.T. Nesan, the film Jilla stars Mohan Lal, along with Poornima Bhagyaraj, ‘VTV’ Ganesh, Kajal Aggarwal and Mahat. Mahat plays Vijay’s younger brother, and he’s paired with Kajal’s sister Nisha. Work has begun on Jilla, which is producer R.B. Choudary’s 35th film.

Dramatic twist

U.M. Kannan, of Doordarshan-fame and a former small-screen producer, has given a ‘dramatic’ twist to poet Bharathiyar’s Paanchaali Sabatham. He has released his work as an audio CD, and it is said to be based on Seva Stage’s drama Paanchaali Sabatham written by P.S. Ramaiyya. And, it has been a one-man show all the way. “I have produced, edited, mixed music, and even lent my voice to all the seven characters, including Dhuryodhanan, Sakuni, the Pandavas, and Bharathiyar himself. As for the text, I have taken certain creative liberties with it. Since I’m from a stage troupe, I did this for personal satisfaction. I hope it makes for interesting listening,” he says.