For writer-scenarist-director P. Balachandran acting was first love. He did do cameos in a few films but Trivandram Lodge proved to be a turning point. “My plays, my scripts were all attempts to probe the possibilities of an actor. I think I was plagued by an inferiority complex to project myself as an actor. Trivandrum Lodge changed all that; the complex melted, acting was easy,” he said. Balachandran will be seen in a complete role in Rajeev Nath’s David & Goliath, Rajesh Ravi’s directorial debut Annayum Resoolum, Padmakumar’s Paathiramanal, Poppins by V. K. Prakash and Bavuttiyude Namathil by G. S. Vijayan.The other projects that Balachandran has on hand are Pushpaka Vimanam (Aji John) and Rajeev Nath’s forthcoming film to be shot in Benares.

Lorry Girl

Sandeep Pampally who has made numerous short films with a strong message is ready with his new film. Lorry Girl, as the film is titled, is an attempt to project the need for eradicating AIDS. The film moves through the life of a prostitute, Lakshmi, played by Rani Sharan, wife of popular television and film actor Sharan (Hari Shanth). Sharan is also cast in a significant role. Rani, daughter of Malayalam actor-producer Manjeri Chandran plans to involve herself in the industry by reviving her father’s production house and releasing his film ‘Nayanam.’ Lorry Girl will be projected worldwide on December 1. “This is done through the help of my friends, members of the cast and crew. Halls are rented out and the film will be projected to invited audiences. Apart from the 14 districts and numerous cities in India, this film will be screened in the UK, Brazil, Melbourne, Philippines, Doha, Dubai etc.,” informs Sandeep.