Short films that are a blend of creative talent and messages on financial prudence will soon be screened in all the districts of the State.

State Small Savings Department Commissioner C. Umashankar said on Saturday. “Apart from promoting the medium of short films, short one minute advertisements about the advantages of small savings will be inserted in to the films,” he said.

He said: “We are going to make a big push towards diverting savings from chit funds, unit-linked insurance products and the stock market. The aim is to generate savings of Rs.20,000 crore over the next two years.”

According to him, many are not aware that small savings deposits under the senior citizens scheme can offer a rate of return of up to 9 per cent.

“Even the monthly investment scheme offers up to 8 per cent interest and a five per cent bonus on maturing. If a family starts investing Rs.1,500 a month into a post office scheme when a girl child is born, it will mature into close to Rs.15 lakh by the time she is of marrying age.”

He added that the movie as a medium was a great way to reach out to people and provided an outlet for budding directors and actors.

Of the 38 High Definition entertainment movies interspersed with awareness advertisements, 4 films will be screened at the Elliot's Beach at 7 p.m. every day till June 18.