Six-year-old Mahesh is a student of music and dance in director M. Jayakumar’s forthcoming film Jamai. And, guess who is his the teacher? Anand Babu! Son of the late comedian-actor Nagesh, Anand had done the lead role in Jayakumar’s Paadum Vanambadi, a hit film made 25 twentyfive years ago.

“When I approached Anand Babu to do this a character role as a music and dance teacher in Jamai, he had no hesitation and was very enthusiastic and excited,” says Jayakumar. Anand Babu teaches drums, music and dance and one of his students is Mahesh.

The story is set in a college and the student band includes Navin, the drummer and Mahesh’s father. Uday and Vyjayanthi are singers in the band. “There are eight songs in this family entertainer. It is amazing to see the 49-year-old Anand Babu have with the same energy and commitment he had in as he was in Paadum Vaanambadi,” says Jayakumar.