Anusha (Aksha) is waiting to cross the road when someone pushes her from behind in front of a moving vehicle. Her friend is killed while having a shower and a female cop is shot on her temple while she gapes through the peep hole on a door. Her expressions of fear are consistent for the next one hour as it is clear that someone is trying to kill her. Who is she? Why is she being stalked? Director NSR Prasad is reasonably good in the first half of the film, building and maintaining suspense and narrating the story interestingly but after that it is a steep fall. Her father is a Mayor (Rehman) who, in connivance with the Chief Minister, is hoarding wealth and eliminating all people who are witness to his criminal activity.

The daughter walks out on him and collects evidence against him and his men, trying to meet lawyers. Basically she wants her father to hold a press meet and confess.

His henchmen use the differences between father and daughter to their advantage which leads to the climax.

We’ve seen Srikant’s Lucky, Devaraya, Sevakudu and now Satruvu...all of them released in a span of two months; while each of them had their share of drawbacks, this one takes the cake.

The director is good at narrating the story but sadly the weak plot is totally outdated. In the other films, Srikant was at least the hero, here he seems more like a cameo.

The story revolves around the girl and even then she has practically nothing to do other than hide behind Srikant and look terrified. Once the father’s credentials are established, the interest in the story wanes and we just wait to see Srikant do the honours.

The hilarious part in the film is a dejected Anusha saying dharmam pusthakalu cinemallo matrame babai (Dharma is only for books and movies for movies) defeating the very purpose of sitting through the climax. Apart from delivering bone crunching action scenes he has been roped in for, Srikant as Shankar dances with Aksha in bright costumes. The actor is getting repetitive.

Raghu Babu and Duvvasi Mohan don’t disappoint and the Censor Board has cleared lewd lyrics in an item song. The dialogues make you run for cover. Srikant has completed 100 films easily but henceforth each film he chooses will decide his longevity in the industry. Watch this at your risk.


Cast: Srikant, Aksha

Direction: NSR Prasad

Music: Gana

Plot: A father and daughter battle ’s differences over scruples

Bottomline: Srikant’s dismal run reaches an all-time high