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Updated: December 16, 2009 14:56 IST

Sandra Bullock stunned by Golden Globe nominations

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Thrilled: Sandra Bullock
AP Thrilled: Sandra Bullock

Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock was “beyond stunned” to find that she has got two Golden Globe nominations and has her idols Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep in competition now.

The 45-year-old actress received the nominations for Best Actress in both the Drama and Comedy or Musical fields for The Blind Side and The Proposal, respectively, Contactmusic reported.

She’s up against the likes of Mirren, Streep, Emily Blunt and Julia Roberts — and is delighted to be in such prestigious company.

“I am beyond stunned. Just to be included in the company of these amazing women I have so admired through the years, has left me slack jawed with awe,” said Bullock.

“It is truly an honour just to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press, and I will cherish this moment with all the artists I have worked with behind the scenes, who truly make me look good,” she added.

The Golden Globe Awards, hosted by British comic Ricky Gervais, will take place on 17 January in Los Angeles next year.

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