Wikipedia describes Safe as an action film directed by Boaz Yakin and starring Jason Statham and that really says all there is to say about the film. The action is fast and furious. Statham shows his lovely pecs and other muscles I don't know the name for, sports his trademark crisp white shirts, squints meanly while saying amazing things like “you will become a memory of a memory.”

Oh and this movie too has a little girl, 12-year-old Mei, who has an amazing head for numbers and is being chased on the streets of New York by the Chinese, Russians and corrupt cops. There are 30 million dollars, a disk (so last century) with vital information and other hectic things, but all that doesn't really matter as long as cars go up in smoke and guns spit out bullets viciously maiming and killing all that comes in their way.

While Safe is too formulaic to offer any surprises, its 94-minute running time is filled with enough eye candy to keep one engrossed.


Genre: Action

Director: Boaz Yakin

Cast: Jason Statham, Catherine Chan

Storyline: A man must save a little girl who is being hunted by all manner of baddies

Bottomline: Formulaic and fun