chat Sneha on her move towards glamour and action

It's difficult getting outof a comfort zone. Especially if you've been in it for the better part of a decade. That way, Sneha is taking a calculated risk, one that will hopefully have her fans asking for more. From the girl every boy wanted to take home to mom, she assumes two different avatars — an uber-glam businesswoman in Goa, releasing today, and a super fit copin Bhavani IPS, slated to hit the marquee in February.

“All these years, the only reaction I got for my movies is that ‘Sneha has done a good job.' I wanted to add ‘different' to that list, and move away from my comfort zone. I wanted to show the world that I am versatile and can do things other than girl-next-door roles,” says the actor, currently shooting in Kochi for the Malayalam flick Pramaniwith Mammootty.

It was at such a time that Venkat Prabhu's Goaand Kicha's Bhavani IPS, inspired by the 1990's Vijayashanti superhit Vyjayanthi IPS, came her way. Sneha snapped up the films that promised deliverance from what people had begun to expect of her. “And, I sent a little thank-you prayer heavenwards,” she smiles.

Was she at any point in time worried about audience perception? “Well, with Goa, yes. But, when I saw the rushes and my scenes, my confidence was back. I play this rich businesswoman. There's glamour, but on my terms. With Bhavani, there was no such worry. Both mark such a departure from what I've done so far.”

Did she watch Vyjayanthi IPS to get into the groove better? “No. But, I did catch some scenes to get the mood and mannerisms right,” she admits.

The actor in her was upbeat about the winds of change blowing her way, and Sneha was confident about her fans, ranging in age from boys in the flush of youth to 45-plus women who love to pinch her cheek. But, the only thing that struck her was that it would be tough for the directors to look beyond what she had done so far and cast her in a new mould. “Now, I know I need not have really worried,” she laughs.

So, will it be back to base, or is Sneha craving variety? “Variety, any day. I've signed up for a venture with newcomers, and I'm hoping this year will offer me more to choose from. Let's see what comes my way,” she concludes.