“We think daughters are wonderful to have…We became responsible persons ever since our daughter was born. We have already started planning her future. We are on the look out for a son-in-law – this is the attitude of most parents from the previous generation. In my film the heroine's parents too have similar thoughts while the girl has clear ideas about her future,” said ‘Madhura' Sreedhar Reddy talking about his second directorial venture, It's MyLove Story (IMLS).

Sreedhar chose newcomers Aravind Krishna and Nikhita to play the lead roles. The duo was selected from a talent contest. Aravind Krishna is an MBA graduate from Harvard University and Nikhita works in Facebook Hyderabad office.

Aravind is cast as a computer game designer from Warangal while Nikhita plays a fashion designer from Vizag. Both work in Hyderabad and due to a quirk of circumstances have to share a flat. “They share a beautiful friendship but this live-in relationship is misunderstood by the girl's parents (Jayasudha and Sarathbabu) and they take her back to Visakhapatnam. It is this separation that turns them into lovers and how the boy wins over her parents forms the rest of the story,” says Sreedhar. He adds, “today's youngsters are clear about friendship, love and marriage. They can make their own decisions on friendships and love but when it comes to marriage the family aspect gets added. My film harps on this point.” Pragathi and Kasi Viswanath acted as the hero's parents. “They have a positive attitude unlike the girl's parents,” discloses Sreedhar.

Having come from successful audio business, Sreedhar has a penchant for quality music. “IMLS music is on the top ten charts in all the FM radio stations and in the music world. Sunil Kashyap had earlier composed music for my debut film, Snehageetham that bagged a Nandi award for best female singer (Pranavi). We shot the movie entirely in Andhra Pradesh with locations in Hyderabad and Vizag. I can proudly say that it is a 100 percent Telugu film produced with Hyderabad technicians.” But it has an English title? He laughs heartily and says, “I felt the title appeals to the youth and they can own it.” This contemporary love story hits the marquee on November 11.