Lakshmikanth Chenna finds remaking ‘Johnny Gaddar’ a challenging task

Contrary to the popular belief that remakes are easy to make, director Lakshmikanth Chenna thinks that the task is more challenging than making a direct film. Talking about his forthcoming film, Kamina a remake of the 2007 Hindi hit, Johnny Gaddar, he said, “The central plot of the Hindi version appealed to me so much that I went in for its remake when producer Vara Prasad Reddy Arimanda gave this offer. Sriram Raghavan who helmed the Neil Nitin Mukesh-Dharmendra starrer made it a suspense thriller in the neo-noir genre and I felt that it lacked entertainment. So retaining the main plot, I rewrote the theme and loaded it with lots of fun, entertainment and not to forget the nativity factor.”

Kamina is about five close buddies who become suspicious of each other when they decide to usurp for themselves something that they all have to share. “Greed brings misunderstanding between them destroying their friendship. The story takes curious turns from this point onwards taking the audience into the next level of entertainment. Krishi a newcomer plays the main lead and the other four friends are seasoned actors — Saikumar, Subbaraju, Brahmaji and Ashish Vidyardhi. Ravibabu plays a police officer. We needed an actor without an image for the lead role and hence we signed newcomer Krishi. We do not want the audience to predict the hero’s character,” smiled the auteur who entered the industry like a whiff of fresh air with that runaway hit, Hyderabad Nawabs.

Lekha Washington who made her Telugu debut with Vedam plays the female lead with Ruby Parihar (of Prasthanam fame) in a pivotal role. Hema, Telengana Sakunthala, ‘Prabhas’ Seenu, Prithvi and Surya provide the comic relief.

Talking about the film’s music, Lakshmikanth has this to say, “In the Hindi version, the score was from the music of the Seventies and Eighties as the story is set in that period. Since we made it a contemporary theme, Agasthya scored in hard rock style to suit the tastes of the present day youth. Such beat also creates the right mood. Besides Agasthya, cinematographer Jawahar Reddy and editor Lokesh Chenna gave their best. The title is apt as it represents the lead characters whose behaviour stoops so low as the situations change. And is it not a commonly used word when we find such mischievous persons around us?” he asks and then concludes with a broad grin, “It is a racy entertainer. Plans are afoot to release it this month.”