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Updated: January 12, 2013 18:34 IST

Recipe for success

  • y. sunita chowdhary
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Writer Akula Siva
Writer Akula Siva

‘Writers have to create stories in accordance with the stars of the time, and now is the time for formula comedies,’ says Akula Siva

“What we breathe goes into our system without our knowledge; it is the same with God’s blessings. The success of Naayak is one such blessing. Our work is identified and the subject accepted only when a hero has a particular standing,” says Akula Siva, whose dialogues are drawing whistles and thunderous applause from the audience. The writer is touring every theatre and is enjoying each moment of his success; his earlier works include Murari, Lakshmi, Thulasi, Krishna etc.

He explains that a hero playing a dual role is not a new phenomenon. It is how the screenplay is written to convince the audience, which is more important. It is not too early for Ram Charan to play a dual role, he has a standard and the stamina to carry the role on his shoulders. Hrithik Roshan’s first film had a dual role too; it’s not a difficult thing at all.

Akula Siva was initiated into the movie industry by Posani Krishna Murali in Chennai. He had also directed a film titled Simhachalam but resolved to stick to writing after that, because the subjects he was offered to direct were not to his liking. He says he enjoys developing a character and the success lies in bringing novelty in every possible angle. “These days the audience wants plenty of entertainment but each director has his own pattern. A lot of commercial elements are needed — stardom has to be taken to a new level, we need to create a craze, excitement and despite a bound script there will be on the spot development. It feels good when people say the story and dialogues of Naayak are good. We all like our work but we realise we did a good job only when people talk about it.”

The writer reveals that all his dialogues have a philosophical touch, despite being humourous. For example, in Naayak, Ram Charan tells Brahmanandam that he will let go off Kajal as she is not paying attention to him to which the comedian replies “Gaalipatam tegipoyindhani dhaaram vodilestaama?” In one instance Posani Krishna Murali remarks on wealth, “Kala lo intha aasthi povaalanna oka ratri padthadi ra..oka second lo poyindenti ra?” The hero is elevated on par with divinity in the introduction; such glorification is imperative, if the hero doesn’t have that power and courage he cannot fight so many people.

Aren’t the writers setting a bad trend by writing only formula stories? Siva observes that every ten years an actor goes through a change, be it physically or in the mind. The writers have to create stories in accordance with such a change. Earlier a hero would work with two or three heroines, there was a time when police stories became a rage, now this is the time for formula comedies and very soon another aspect will take over. We are here to dish out entertainment. There are artistes who are highly successful and will not admit defeat whatsoever in their career so we writers work towards giving that minimum guarantee subject and applying the formula there. Following a hit film is the trend in Telugu films and our work is customised for the young generation.”

Akula Siva loves reading devotional books and mythology. He has read all literature pertaining to Telugu and Tamil personalities and spends his time watching movies, making a note of people’s reaction to particular scenes. “I try my level best to avoid double meaning dialogues, it’s just not me. I might have written a few unconsciously but the emphasis is to make people laugh,” he signs off.

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